Polybutylene Pipe Replacement: Replacement CPVC Versus PEX

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Over the years plumbing has a lot of options that you can choose from. Old houses have a lot of pipe options that you can decide on for repairs and remodels. The different options that you have as a homeowner can at times get along or at other times can be very messy. Remember that the pipes you choose have an expiration date, therefore choose one that will last longer.

In the market today, there are a lot of pipes that you can choose from; the PEX pipes, CPVC and copper being among the best options. We are going to look at PEX and the CPVC pipes.

PEX pipes

When it comes to PEX, it is not a material that you can use in the interior pipes that carries water.  PEX are in roll form, it is a big hose pipe which necessarily does not have to run in a straight line. Its connected by the use of another crimp ring system, which are huge but not the main culprit. They are very easy to install, and they are no affected by acidic water.

CPVC pipes

CPVC is preferred as it has prevailed the test of time. When it comes to CPVC, serious plumbing skills and neatness is vital. CPVC is welded chemically with glue and solvent, they are able to handle extreme temperatures of up to 1800F; therefore, a good option for hot water services.


When a CPVC joint is leaking, it leaks for the first twelve hours under pressure. If there are crimp rings that were improperly installed, they will pop apart at any given time. Polybutylene has a history of a lot of failures, therefore, replacing your polybutylene pipes with either copper or CPVC is essential. PEX is not recommended because it is not an appropriate option for the interior water pipes.

CPVC pipes do not respond well to the chemicals and bug sprays that are applied to it. Having gone through the properties of this two types of pipes, you can now choose which material to use for replacing your polybutylene pipes. Be aware of the benefits and the disadvantages of choosing CPVC or PEX pipes, before actually picking one.