Heat Pump Water Heater

    Convert you old gas water heater to new high efficiency Heat Pump water heater starting only $599


      Due to climate change, The California Government has issued a lot of funding to make our houses more environmentally friendly and efficient. They plan to decarbonize all its existing buildings by 2035. That is why all residents of Roseville City have an incredible opportunity to install a high-performing water heater and a new HVAC system, at a very affordable price. If you decide to convert your gas water heater with an electric High-Efficiency heat pump water heater you will receive a $3000 rebate from Roseville Electric and an additional $600 or $1300 Rebate from the State of California (Tech Clean Insensitive). Super Brothers Plumbing Heating and Air is participating contractors with Roseville Electric, SMUD and Tech Clean California. We have installed more than 700 heat pump water heaters for our region. In most cases, it cost our customers only $499 for the entire installation. We process the rebate application and finalize/close the permit.
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      example from our previous installation
      Result: Customer got a high effciency hybrid water heater with 10 years warranty for $750 (out of pocket). While the water heater itself cost $1 700 + tax
      $3 750
      Heat pump water heater price
      $3 000
      Reseville Rebate
      Customer Paid
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      Gas Water Heater – $1910 – $2175 (Out of Pocket)
      6 Years Manufacturer Warranty
      Estimated Energy Year Cost – $297
      Air Pollution
      Unit Price 50 gallon $850 + Tax
      Heat Pump Water Heater – $600 – $1000 (Out of Pocket)
      10 Years Manufacturer Warranty
      Estimated Energy Year Cost – $104
      Environmently Safe
      Unit Price 50 Gallon $1700 + Tax
      Referal Program
      Super Brothers Heating and Air believes in building relationships, we believe in rewarding them as well. That is why we have created a Refer Friend Program. We would love for you to share your happiness with your friends and neighbors. We install highly efficient heat pump water heaters, a small step forward toward improving air quality in our Sacramento Valley. Sacramento Valley is positioned in the middle of two mountain ranges and natural gas exhaust tends to stay here. California is going green, trying to eliminate gas by 2035. We would love for you to invite your friends and family in taking the step toward a green Sacramento. We will send you a check for $75 for each referral after installation of their water heater. 

      We are constantly striving to provide the best experience for our customers, and your input helps us to define that experience.
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