Vessel Faucet- Reinvent Your Bathroom

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Bathrooms in our homes are the rooms that we frequently go to, yet we easily pay no attention to. The washroom tends not to receive the annual improvement plan, as a homeowner, it is important that you note, there are cheap and easy ways of improving your bathroom’s appearance. Improving your bathroom appearance will greatly brighten your home.

You can improve your restroom by reinstalling new vessel faucets at the sink. Take advantage of copper repiping in the process, as it will make the bathroom look even better.  Installation of a new faucet and sink is an excellent way of starting a make-over. The mentioned make-over can easily change the theme of your bathroom from an old, rusty appearance to a sleek and conventional look.

Not to forget, there are pieces which offer beauty to your bathroom; but they are also functional in the restroom.

Steps in Changing Your Faucet


  1. Determining the spot for the vessel faucet. A spot is a place where the vessel faucet will fit very well. Do this when you have already put in place the vessel sink. The vessel faucet and the sink are often bought together; ensure that the spot of the faucet is within the sink so as to prevent spilling of water when water is running.
  2. Remove all the bolts inside the package setting them aside, ensure that not even a piece is missing.
  3. Connect the faucet to the water supply lines; they should fit perfectly without any loose screws. Loose screws can result to a lot of water wastage
  4. Using a wrench which allows you to fasten all the connections without damaging the pipes is essential. The pipes are not to be wrenched up all the way, this is because; it can lead to a leak or a broken pipe. The seal should be just right, as over tightening will bend the pipes.

When you are done changing the faucets, you should be able to notice the new aura from your bathroom. You can now move to copper repiping when you are done installing the new vessel faucet; hence, making these the best plan of reinventing your washroom.