Polybutylene Kills a Home Price

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When selling a house it is mandatory for the house to have an inspection done, in most cases the inspection report tends to have at least one black mark. With this the price for your home will need to be reduced, which will lead to you wondering whether or not to bolt or not. There are many things that can be the cause of being a deal breaker for your home. We are going to look at polybutylene piping.

In the 1980s polybutylene was consider the best; due to its affordability as it was cheaper than copper pipes, easy to install plus flexible although they did not last for long. Polybutylene was found to degrade because of chlorine which was in municipal water supplies. Therefore, polybutylene with time would end up leaking causing floods. The damage that polybutylene causes is from the inside out, hence, you may not be able to notice the damage in the pipes until the pipes either fail or start to spew water in the basement.

When it comes to polybutylene pipes they usually fail between 10 to 15 years of use. They are unpredictable when they fail although one thing is clear, they will fail with time. The pipes show no visible signs of being in distress. The municipal water has oxidizing agents which causes the inside of the pipe to become flake and brittle.


Polybutylene leaks begin at its unions and joints, which can be inside a wall where a small leak can result to a substantial damage if it is not attended to. Polybutylene pipes can be black or blue, gray or white in color. Black or white pipe may not necessarily be polybutylene. In order to be sure have a professional check it out.

With all the problems that involve the polybutylene pipes, houses with such piping system tend not obtain buyers.  The houses are harder to sell plus they have a possibility of a legal action from the buyers to the seller.