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Why Super Brothers?
Heating/Furnace Repair

It is not always clear that your heating (furnace) unit is experiencing issues. If you are not too sure anything is wrong with your system, but your utility bills just keep going up, your heating system is to blame. We can diagnose and repair any issues with heating units, also called furnaces.


COMmon HEater problems
and how to avoid them

Heater Blowing Out
Cool Air

It can take time for a heater to warm up, therefore, a flow of cold air in the beginning can be normal. However, if the flow persists, you might need to turn the unit off to check for blockages. You can try cleaning the system from the buildup of dirt. Most of the time, it helps to resolve this problem.

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Burning Smell

Burning Smell When there is a burnt smell originating from your house heater it is an indication that your heating system is in immediate need of diagnosis. In most cases it is caused by dust build-up in the air ducts or malfunctioning air filter. However, in most cases a diagnosis is required. Turn off your unit and contact Super Brothers for immediate assistance.

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No Maintenance

Scheduling maintenance on a regular basis is best way to avoid having to deal with a major problem in the future. Regular maintenance by a professional lengthens the lifespan of the system.

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Dirty Filters

Regularly replacing air filters will keep your system running efficiently. Having a dirty filter can limit the function of your system by reducing airflow and reducing air quality. The time interval, when you need to change the filter, depends on the air quality in your house. The air quality can be affected by things like pollution in the air and pets that live in the house.

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Not Enough Heat

The main reason to have a heating system in your house is to keep the house at the temperature you want, especially during the wintertime. It could be very disappointing if the furnace does not work properly and doesn’t heat the place with the amount of heat you need. If you see that the system is running, and the burner kit is on, but your house is still not heating up then most likely the problem is with a thermostat or power. A more serious problem can only be located and solved by specialists in HVAC systems

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Blower Motor Does Not Stop Running

If your home heater is running non-stop all day long, in most cases the problem is that the heater has been working too hard to meet the higher heat demand. We recommend checking the thermostat and lowering the temperature as a first step.

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Super Brothers Maintenance Plan

Repair can be very expensive as well as installation of new unit and to sign up for HVAC and plumbing Maintenance plans with Super Brothers can be a great solution for you.


$235 per year

or $19.58 per month

  • Helps avoid costly damages
  • Detects hidden leaks
  • Improves plumbing performance
  • Prevents plumbing problems
  • Prolongs water heater life

You get an annual inspection where we will check your water heater, do camera inspection on the main sewer line, check all toilets, sinks, shower valves and faucets for leaks and water pressure. Inspect emergency shut off valve, all supply lines and angle valves.

Plumbing & HVAC

$420 per year

or $35 per month

You get

  • everything from Plumbing and HVAC Maintenance Plans
  • 15% off parts and labor and PRIORITY SERVICE over non members


$235 per year

or $19.58 per month

  • Prevent costly breakdowns
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Extend the life of your system
  • Improve Your Air Quality
  • Give Yourself Greater Peace of Mind

HVAC Plan covers all your home HVAC maintenance issues in two yearly, trouble-free visits. you get 2 Full System tune-ups (Spring AC & Fall Heat), 2 Filter Replacements, and 1 Chemical condencer coil cleaning

Super Brothers Is here for you

Sometimes, just a filter replacement improves quality and flow of air at your home. Super brothers is here to tackle any issue. Will repair parts of the hvac system at most reasonable cost and provide recommendations on maintenance and replacements if needed.