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The Intelligent Choice of a Whole House Fan

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Welcome to Super Brothers Plumbing, your go-to experts for comprehensive whole house fan solutions.

Our wide range of fan options guarantees a perfect fit for every home, tailored to meet your unique ventilation needs. Why select us? Our team is highly skilled in whole house fan installation, offering deep expertise in this specialized area. At Super Brothers Plumbing, we’re committed to outstanding customer service, ensuring your complete satisfaction from start to finish. Discover the Super Brothers difference with our prompt, clean, and professional whole house fan installation and maintenance services, all at competitive prices.

Professional Whole House Fan Installation for Optimal Performance

Installing a whole house fan is a complex task that demands the expertise of a professional. Our seasoned professionals at SUPER BROTHERS specialize in precision installations, ensuring your system operates at its best.

Here’s what sets us apart:

1. Comprehensive Service: Entrust us with the entire process. Our experienced professionals will take precise attic measurements and handle the installation of dedicated circuit wiring. If necessary, we’ll also install new attic vents to optimize airflow.

2. Attic Ventilation Expertise: Attic ventilation is crucial for efficient whole house fan operation. We calculate the required vent area, typically 2 to 4 times the normal attic vent size or about one square foot of net free area for every 750 cubic feet per minute of fan capacity. Our meticulous approach considers factors like louvers and insect screens for optimal performance.

3. Winter Cover Solutions: Don’t worry if your fan lacks a tight-sealing winter cover. We offer solutions—either purchase one or let us custom-build a tightly sealed, hinged door for your fan opening. This ensures easy transition between air conditioning and whole house fan usage as the seasons change.

4. Safety Measures: Safety is our priority. When operating these powerful exhaust fans, we recommend opening windows throughout your house to prevent concentrated suction in one area. Without adequate ventilation, these fans can induce backdrafts in appliances like furnaces, water heaters, or gas-fired dryers, potentially pulling harmful combustion products such as carbon monoxide into your living space.

Trust SUPER BROTHERS for professional whole house fan installation that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and your peace of mind.

Optimize Your Home Comfort with
QuietCool: A Step-by-Step Guide
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Smart A/C Use

Run your air conditioning during peak heat for optimal indoor coolness.

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Natural Breezes

In cooler mornings and evenings, turn off the A/C and open windows to let in fresh air..

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QuietCool Activation

With windows open, use QuietCool to quietly improve airflow in your home.

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Fresh Air Circulation

QuietCool draws in cool outside air and expels hot, stale air, refreshing your indoor environment.

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Effective Cooling

QuietCool circulates air up to 22 times per hour, reducing your home’s overall temperature through thermal mass cooling.

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Comfort and Savings

Enjoy a cooler, healthier home with reduced A/C use, leading to savings and comfort.


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