Why is My Home Pressure So Low? (Causes of Low Pressure)

low pressure

Low pressure can cause chaos in the house. This is experienced while cleaning the dishes in the sink, taking a shower or even doing a dishwasher work.  To get back to the peak performance of the house, the problem needs to be identified and fixed.


Problems Causing Low Pressure in Pipes

  1. Corroded galvanized iron pipes

This is a common cause of having low pressure. Older houses have galvanized iron pipes; which in time it corrodes from the inside. Therefore, the corrosion will eventually inhibit the flow of water. Corrosion builds up usually behind restrictions in the pipes; this includes; an angle valve in the bath, shower, and under the sinks. To repair, turn off the water in the house, then using two pipe wrenches; one for turning the valve and the other is for preventing the pipe from turning. When the valves are off the hard, corroded material is seen. Using a hammer or screwdriver chip the corroded material out. Then run water to flush out any debris after reconnecting the valves.

  1. Pressure regulator

This is a bell-shaped device that is in front of the house; the pressure regulator is preset by the manufacturers hence, do not need to be adjusted. Although they do get spoiled sometimes, causing the pressure to reduce. A plumber can be called to replace it so as to get the pressure back.

  1. Leaking or turned off valves and pipes

Having a leaking or a turned off pipe or valve respectively; can cause the pressure to reduce. Therefore, the pipes are to be checked to ensure there is no leaking, as the leak can cause the pressure through the pipes to be released unto the ground. It is also important to check the valves, to ascertain that it is turned on.

In case the shortlisted problems, are not found to be the cause of low pressure in the house; contact a professional plumber, to come and take a look at your plumbing system.