Noisy Pipes

When pipes make noises it could be due to the following reasons which include; clogs, weather or other numerous reasons. It is advised that homeowner’s check, what is causing the noisy pipes and connect to a professional plumber.

Noisy Pipes

Factors Causing the Noisy Pipes.


When the faucet is shut, water flow will be brought to an abrupt halt. The water flow, was rushing through the pipes and out of the faucet at a high speed and force. Therefore, the energy emitted would need to go somewhere. Hence, the need of having an air chamber in the pipe, behind the cold and hot water faucet. The air chamber pipe is about 10 inches of pipe which is soldered vertically; turning off of the faucet as water rushes through, will result to pushing up of the vertical pipe; which will hit a cushion of air in the pipe. As a result, the water force will not cause a rattle or hammer of pipes.

Over the years hammering develops because the air in the vertical riser is lost. Therefore, the cushioning effect is lost too. This can be rectified by turning off the main water, draining the faucets by opening all of them. Hence, air is pushed into the risers that are designed to prevent water hammer.


A rattling effect is also heard when water is flushed. This is because the flushed water is in large volume and it moves rapidly thus, causing the pipe to sway that will lead to the rattling sound. For drain pipes stabilization can be all that is needed, as they are suspended from the floor under the house.


This causes the squealing of pipes. Valves connecting to the washing machine are a common source of squealing. If the squealing sound is heard when the washing machine is on; well then the problem can easily find a solution. Turn off the valve; check the washers in the hose. If they look cracked and worn out replace them. If that is not the problem, turn off the house water and repair the faucet. As one of the valve seat or the faucet’s washer is worn. Thus causing the water to be forced out from a small opening hence, causing the noise.


When the ballcock assembly is worn, it causes a rattling sound at the end of the fill cycle after flushing. The ballcock assembly controls the fill process of the toilet. Therefore, one may need to repair or replace it depending on its style and how new it is.