When Is It Time To Replace Your Home’s Galvanized Pipes.

Galvanized Pipes

Is It Time for a Whole Home Repipe?

You may not know what the word re-pipe means, well a lot of people do not. As a matter of fact majority of homeowners also do not have any idea what it is until when they start experiencing some piping problem. Galvanized pipes are found mostly in households which were built around 1981. These pipes are not of good quality because they are vulnerable to corrosion. Due to that it is not easy to notice them corroding not unless a camera specifically used by plumbers is used. With time, the massive collection of corroded materials and deposits in the zinc coated pipes can lead to reduced water pressure, obstructs and leakages. Upon these damages, replacement of a part of the pipe may be necessary.

Plumbing problems are very common among homes built over 30 years ago. When home pipes start showing leakages or seepage, it is a clear indication of bigger damages to come. The best way to deal with such problem is having a plumber appointment. Considering the time it may take the plumber to get there, and fix the problem; smart use of the fixed plumbing material is necessary.  If the situation is bad it is necessary to contact an emergency plumber.

Repiping your entire house.

An entire household repiping is not a thing that anyone would like to be done on his home many times. It is the last alternative that pipe fixers will mention to their customers; however it is important in some conditions. Complete repiping is the most effective way to secure ones household from seepages and more water wastage.

Is it time for a whole home repipe? Here are questions that can help you determine if it’s the best move to make now:

Were you forced to contact the plumber a couple times in years due to leakage problems? How many times do you discover seepages? If it is recurrent that shows that your plumbing coordination is not up to standard.

Does your house have hard water?

Hard water is not a new term to you. This is the definition of water highly concentrated with calcium and magnesium. It is evident you have hard home water when you spot white or yellow- green accumulation on plumbing fittings. These accumulations lower water pressure. The most effective way is the use of plumbing camera to examine the pipes.

How old is your home (Is it Fixed with Galvanized Pipes)?

Nowadays households are characteristically fixed with either copper or plastic pipes; unlike aged households where you find galvanized pipes. Steel corrodes as time goes on and accumulates impurities like lead. In case your home is still fitted with steel pipes it is advisable to have a plumber look at their situation and decide if replacements with safe modern fittings are necessary.