Whole House Repiping

When it comes to your home piping system, they are designed to at least last for 30 years or more. Although as a homeowner, it is important for you to note that your piping system can wear down earlier than expected. Thus, requiring the whole house repiping to be done. We have a team of professionals who have decades of experience and have worked on different plumbing systems of homes

Replacing Old, Damage Pipes

House Repiping

As a homeowner, how do you know that your home is in serious need of a repiping job?

  • You will start experiencing low water pressure
  • You get burning hot water in the shower when someone turns on the washing machine, flushes the toilet or uses the sink
  • You have yellow-colored water springing from the shower heads

When you notice the signs above, you know that you need repiping services so as to improve your plumbing system. When it comes to polybutylene or lead pipes, no matter their age they ought to be immediately replaced. This is because, polybutylene pipes are very fragile, therefore, they are susceptible to breakage. Also when it comes to lead pipes, they pose a health hazard to the household as it contaminates drinking water.

Lead and polybutylene pipes do not meet the standard codes of plumbing. In the event that they are not replaced, they pose health hazards to your family plus long-term damage to your property.

Repiping Process for the Whole House (house repiping)

Our professionals at SUPER MARIO REPIPE are equipped to handle any kind or a repiping job. In case our repair fails within the first two years, we repair it again for free. Replacing your pipes for the whole house not only saves you hundreds of dollar with time, but it also makes your plumbing system more efficient.

During a repiping job SUPER MARIO REPIPE does the following:

  1. Replace the supply plumbing system of your home
  2. Route the new pipes through the same holes either on the floor or walls, then tightly sealing the excess space.
  3. Replacing of the corroded pipes or the ones with slab holes completely rather than fixing it temporarily.
  4. Testing of your plumbing system’s pressure and flushing them out after installing the new pipes.

Contact us at SUPER MARIO REPIPE for a repiping job for your house. Our professionals offer the best services.