Water Pressure in the Home: High And Low

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Your water pressure is one of the most important checkups that a plumber can make in your home. When checking your water pressure this involves, hooking of a standard water pressure gauge on the outside hose spigot. Having high water pressure is a common problem in a given residence.

When it comes to plumbing problems such as; dripping faucets, premature failing water heaters, pipe noise, plus high water bills; they are easily noticed as compared to having an optimal water pressure. When it comes to reducing water pressure on the streets so that it comes to the acceptable range, installation of the Pressure Regulator Valve (PRV) is necessary. Installation of the PRV is at the point where the water service line is entering a home.

water pressure

In the event that you have the signs that are related to water pressure, then the PRV which is in your home might not be doing its job. To solve this issue PRV replacement will be the way to go. In times when you are experiencing a low water pressure, your fixtures tend not to perform very well. Your daily chores become unpleasant, difficult or annoying.

Causes of Low Water Pressure

  • A clogged or a malfunctioning PRV
  • Crimped or undersized water line
  • Clogging or malfunctioning at particular fixtures.

Low water pressure is able to cause a crimped water line. In such cases the water pressure outside of a particular spigot can be normal. When uncovering the crimped lines, measure the water pressure after turning on the fixtures in the house. When pressure is taken and the fixtures in the house are in use, it is known as flow pressure.

Water pressure issues build up with time, thus it may be a bit difficult to notice when your water is at high or low pressure. It is important for you as a home owner to check your water pressure routinely.  This helps you to avoid problems that can be costly.

You can use a watts presure guage, since it’s designed to be connected to a residential hosebibb. Having your water pressure checked after some time is important. You might be missing to fix an easy problem that later becomes a bigger problem, which will be more costly later.