How Much Does it Cost to Install a Water Main?

Water mains is one of the things you really don’t want to deal with. Regardless of your existing predicament, you may want to ensure your water main is correctly installed from the start. For this, you will need to consult a professional plumbing company. Always look for a reputable professional plumbers who can help you determine the cost of installing water main in your property.

Factors determining how much installing water main will cost.


Any kind of obstacle which will make it difficult to reach water main such as trees, will automatically raise water line cost. The whole course of getting to water main, or wherever the water main will require to be installed, builds up the cost of installing water main. If jackhammering through concrete is required then this will increase the new water line cost.


If the line needs to be dug deeper, then the higher the expense of installing water main will be. However, it can be less expensive if you can do this by yourself or use manual workers, and then for more technical plumbing work you bring in your plumbers.


water main

The place you actually live, will help you determine the new water line cost. Pipes made of PVC are more affordable option to go for, though they cannot be used in some parts of the country, which experiences cold temperatures. While in some parts copper cannot be used because of the soil’s corrosive elements.

Red tape

Mostly one will need to get a permit before he/she can dig for a water line. Although this cannot directly be added to new water cost, but it is something you should consider. Therefore, you will want to ensure that is taken care of before you start working; so that you do not hold up any of the activities, especially if you still want to pay a professional while haven’t sort this out.

The cost of building a new water line will depend on different things, but the project is certainly one of the more practical home projects. Somehow it needs a connection to a meter that is nearby and connected to a city line or a city line. It is very important that all things are set up appropriately to prevent big problems as well as maintain safety, therefore, using a professional plumber is worth the price.