Sewer Line Explained

Who is responsible for sewer line going under the street?

sewer line

Not all plumbers in possession of regular licence have a qualification of working on underneath sewer line. This creates a great impact during maintenance as lack of awareness among home owners about bonded sewer contractors makes them believe that any plumber has approval to work on underneath street sewer lines. Concerned bodies such as the Department of Engineering gives a list of accredited experts on their website and that helps clients to identify if plumbers are approved to work on public sewerage systems.

Repipesacramento expert

This is accredited contractor who is legally allowed to work on public sewer lines.Concerned bodies gives a list of certified experts on their website who can work on underneath street sewer pipes whenever a sewer system problem arises.

What you should know about sewer line going under the street

There is almost 100% belief among property owners that any problem associated with underneath street sewer pipes is the municipal’s problem thus ignoring such menace when it occurs.

There is a problem with my sewer lateral will city fix it?

Property owners are charged with the responsibility of repair and maintenance of sewer lateral both upper and lower. The lower lateral connects property system to main sewer while upper lateral links house to property system. The municipal oversees maintenance of underneath public sewer pipes which must be done by a certified experts.

Why doesn’t the city repair my property sewer lateral under the street (lower lateral)?

The city and home owners oversee repair and maintenance of public and private systems respectively and any inconvenience associated with sewer should be assessed if its public or individual property owner problem before help is given accordingly. Lower sewer lateral extends to underneath street sewer line for safety purposes and the fact that its there doesn’t make it a municipal problem but rather an individual.

Can my plumber work on my sewer line.

Plumbers are allowed to intensively do their work on any sewer line as long as it is ones property which turns out to be right. A plumber is allowed to work on a public sewer line if they do have a regular licence as well as certification from concerned bodies such as department of engineering.

Sewer problems

Problems in the Sewer Line are both individual and municipality responsibility. Problems in the sewerage system arise as a result of blockage by the sewer content, how many years the sewer has been in service and naturally from the growth of the roots of a tree into a sewer line caused by poor connection which leads to moisture leakage thus creating a penetrative medium. Identification of the problems in the sewer is done by assessment of how the breakage has affected the users.

If individual owner in the whole neighborhood is affected then it is the owners connectivity that has a problem but if the whole neighborhood is affected simultaneously then the main sewer has a problem which needs rectification.When the problem at hand requires excavations when repairing then the expert should seek a permit from administrative bodies in charge. There are several laws in place that clearly define roles of individuals and municipality, certify plumbers, issuance of permits as well as role of house owners in maintenance of their property line.

The house connection sewers are not of general benefit.

This is because house connection solely serves an individual though the owner is allowed by the law to build a sewer line from their premises to public underground sewer under permission from concerned administrative bodies.

A sewer permit shall be issued to Bonded Sewer Contractors only.

The permission to work on public sewerage system usually under the street is granted to Bonded Sewer Contractors as well as those who meet requirements for certification which are clearly stated in the law.