The Epoxy Paradox: Problems With Epoxy Pipe Lining

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When you experience a problem in your systemic piping, there are two options you can consider in order to fix the problem. This includes pipe replacement or epoxy piping, which is the coating of your pipes inside. Epoxy lining of pipes is a term for the different variety of plastic resins which is used in cold or hot water supply pipes, HVAC  heating and cooling piping, sprinkler lines and on particular waste, drain and vent piping systems.

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), authorizes the use of some epoxy linings in carrying potable drinking water. They are accredited as a structural improvement on the existing systems. Manufactures and the installers, insist that the epoxy is not only a safe alternative when it comes to pipe replacement, but it is also economical. Epoxy pipe lining has numerous risks such as; application limitation, health and safety concerns, installation concerns plus warranty issues.


The major risk with epoxy is delamination of the resin. This is when corrosion occurs and develops between the pipe and its liner, the liner is then detached. The delamination process occurs very fast in the event; pipe cleaning before application is not done properly or the line application is very thin and has holes.

Effects of Delamination

  1. Delamination leads to a persistence in corrosion, resulting to leaks and system failure.
  2. The risk of blockage is higher because of the fragments which are trapped in the pipe, inhibiting water flow.
  3. Flaking off of the epoxy and entering drinking water’s supply.
  4. Paying twice the price for repiping your pipes. This happens, when you choose to line your pipes instead of repiping them. When delamination will occur you will have additional costs.

Epoxy can be an alternative to pipe repipe according to most manufactures and installers. Yet there are a considerable good number of risks when it comes to pipe lining; that are not there pipe replacement. Not to forgot when you compare their prices they are typically similar, although most buyers think not