Repiping in High-Rise Headaches: Challenges of the Leaking Pipe

Leaking pipes can lead to chaos to high-rise communities and other people living there. When it comes to leaking pipes be sure of property loss, water damage and an increase in the insurance premiums. There is a significant fail in the piping system as a nation’s infrastructure continues to age.

Most piping systems have an average life-span of 30 to 50 years. Due to poor water quality in many areas, the piping system requires repiping in 10 to 12 years after construction. When replacing pipes in apartment buildings, there are things to consider in order ensuring that here is minimal disruption to the residents.

repiping in high-rise

Logistics to consider when repiping in high-rise communities

Exceptional logistics to consider when replacing pipes in high-rise communities and to maximize the job efficiency includes;

  1. Minimize the shut downs to vertical stacks, through either replacement or isolation valve installation.
  2. Navigating the complex wall designs, they include; plaster on wire mesh, fire rated shaft assemblies, concrete blocks, single and multi-layer drywall among others.
  3. Addressing the structural plus seismic bracing equipment, this is unique to taller buildings.
  4. Planning and scheduling for elevator use, plus being able to use the limited space in an elevator to move screws and materials.
  5. Strategically planning how to access the pipe, removal and setting mirrors, vanities, lights and tiles.
  6. Joining of high-rise specific engineering requirements which include; express chillers, expansion joints and loops, boilers and chillers among others.
  7. Managing of the vertical nature of pipe connections from one floor to another, in other cases core drilling may be required; in order to allow vertical penetration and the installation of the new firestopping.

The above mentioned factors can make replacing your leaking pipes intimidating. This being so, there are experts with years of experience. Who are able to do a perfect job when it comes to pipe replacement in the high-rise communities; therefore, ensuring the best outcome for the community and its residence.