Why You Should Be Replacing Copper And Galvanized Steel Pipes

When moving into a new house, we rarely think of the existing plumbing system as long as it’s working. Many people do not realize that as the house ages so is its plumbing system, which will result into serious potential problems in future. This can be avoided by simply replacing copper and galvanized steel pipes. The following is a list of problems that can be caused by these pipes plus the benefits of replacing them on time.

Types of Plumbing Lines

Homes have two types of plumbing lines; these are drain lines and water lines. Drain lines tend to cause problems in future, while water lines are less problematic; although they will have their own problems with time. It’s important to understand the problem behind galvanized steel and copper pipes before replacing them.

Most homes today use copper piping for water lines because; they do not corrode as fast as galvanized steel, iron or steel. Unfortunately older homes are constructed using galvanized pipes or iron. Therefore, they should be replaced as soon as possible with copper piping.

You will start to notice your drain clogs easily and are not easy to unclog when they clog. This is because iron and steel corrodes very easily. They build-up mineral residue and will eventually start to break down. When you lose pressure from water coming out of your faucets, plus the water tasting odd you will know your pipes are affected.

The Damage Age Can Cause

For some home owners, having a constant clog and loss of water pressure is not enough to make them replace their piping system. For they render it an unnecessary expense as long as it is not broken. Low pressure can also be experienced in drought conditions but the effects are temporary.

Replacing Copper And Galvanized

With time the signs of aging galvanized and iron pipes will progressively grow worse if not attended to. Therefore, you will start to find damp spots on the concrete floors, on drywalls of your home especially if they are wooden.

Water from the pipes will continue to darken in color; for there is continued build-up of the minerals plus the metal continues to corrode. This will result to foul smelling water that is hard to consume.  As corrosion continues your pipes will begin to leak, break and eventually burst. Hence, the cost of repiping will be more costly that it would have been previously.

Repairing the corroded piping with copper is an easier solution plus it will restore your plumbing system. A qualified plumbing contractor, is able to inform you of how much it will cost you to correct any issue with your plumbing system. Copper has a longer lifespan compared to iron which is thirty years and steel which is forty years. This is the reason why it is preferred.

Benefits of Replacing Copper And Galvanized Steel Piping

  1. Leads to restoration of your water pressure
  2. A reduction of your monthly water bill as there is no leaking water to increase your bill.
  3. Less clogging of your draining pipes.
  4. Better tasting water

As a home owner replace your plumbing with copper piping. For in the long run it pays for itself by saving you a lot of money you might use to repair a broken or leaking pipe.