Five Surefire Signs It’s Time For A Pipe Repair

Maintaining your plumbing system is very important, for it can save you money for repairs or fixing issues before they result into a big problem. The following are surefire signs that it is time for a pipe repair.

  1. Leaking Pipes

pipe repair

Leaking pipes are an inconvenience for your home and its plumbing system. They can lead to internal water damages, which is very costly in construction repairs. They can also influence your plumbing system. The following causes leaking:

  • Worn out connectors
  • Corrosion from mineral deposits
  • Rusty pipes

If you notice the following they are a sure sign of water damage due to leaking:

  • Mold or rotting floor boards
  • Bad smell in the cellar
  • Holes appearing in drywall
  • Water spots in the ceiling
  1. Loud Or Strange Noises.

If you hear loud noises when turning on your faucet handles you might need a plumbing repair. Sudden jolts or loud banging from your plumbing are signs that leaks or damage are present in your pipes. It could also mean that there are issues with your water heater, which needs to be addressed. Failure to investigate the cause could lead to flooding and costly repair.

  1. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can cause your running water to be nearly useless. Lack of water pressure can lead to:

  • Water not flowing to bathtubs and sinks
  • Shower heads not being able to activate
  • Toilets will not flush
  • Appliances will not work

In case you are experiencing low to no water pressure, you should schedule a repair. Contact a technician who will run tests in order to determine; if your water pressure is normal in comparison to the main water line. This will help to determine where the problem is.

  1. Bad Taste

Sulfuric smelling water or if your water tastes bad are a sign of bad plumbing. If your water tastes bad or does not smell fresh, stop using it and call an inspection service as soon as possible.

  1. Discoloration In Water.

Discoloration in water is caused by corroding or rusting of old pipes. This water may or may not be safe for consumption, either way it should be taken care off immediately. Presence of deposits, which are brownish or greyish in color, is an indication that the water is not fit for consumption. A plumber is to be contacted immediately.

You can keep your home in good shape through staying on top of any repairs. Therefore, to make your life is more convenient always ensure that you have your water running.