What You Can Do To Maintain Your Septic System

For your septic system to perform impeccably all year round, proper care must be taken.  A septic tank is your private on sight facility for sewage treatment. The following are a few septic tank maintenance tips.

  1. Maintain the drain field

This is the primary component of your septic tank that helps in removing solid waste from liquid. The following are tips to ensure that your drain field lasts long:

  • Keep away your rain water drainage system such as gutters from the drain field area.
  • Do not park your car or drive on the drain field.
  • Trees should be planted at a safe distance to avoid its root to grow into the drain field.

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  1. Take care of what goes into your tank.

Being mindful of what you put into your septic prolongs its life. Things that are non-biodegradable should not be put into your septic tank as they clog your septic tank leading to an expensive repair job. The non-biodegradable substance include: napkins, cigarettes, cooking oil, coffee grounds among others.

  1. Go for pumping services

Pumping out your septic system every two years ensures that all the solid waste is properly broken down. This also helps in preventing system failure.

  1. Inspect your Septic System time to time

Proper upkeep and periodic inspection by a professional can prolong the normal functioning of your septic tank.Repipe Specialist

  1. Regulate the use of household chemicals

Excessive use of households chemicals for instance bleach, drain leaner and detergent; can lead to malfunctioning of the septic tank. These chemicals stop the action of bacteria which is responsible for the breakdown of wastes.

  1. Get help from the experts

When it comes to cleaning and the maintenance of your septic tank reliance should be on the professionals. Your septic service provider should thoroughly, inspect your septic system for any damage or leaks. They should check the sludge layers and scum to determine the source of the problem. It is important that whenever you find any septic problem make sure that you contact a professional to check it out.