Considering a Wall-Mounted Toilet?

There are two types of toilets one can have. One is a regular run-of-the-mill floor-mounted toilet, and the other is a wall-mounted toilet. The difference? Well, the difference is the floor-mounted toilet takes up more space since it is bolted to the floor. It can make your bathroom or restroom look even smaller. Wall-mounted toilets are an excellent option for compact bathrooms as they save floor space by being attached to the wall. This creates a sense of spaciousness in the room. Let’s figure out which is best for you, your home, and your new project!

Floor-Mounted Toilet

Floor-mounted toilets are divided into two categories: one-piece and two-piece commodes. A one-piece commode is made as a single unit, combining the flush tank and bowl. A two-piece commode is made of separate bowl and tank parts, which are installed separately and connected during installation. Both types are commonly used. Floor-mounted toilets are affordable and very easy to maintain. Their components are very easy to find, replace, or change in case of damage. However, as mentioned before they do take up more space and aren’t as aesthetically pleasing. On a final note, cleaning a floor-mounted commode can be challenging due to the limited access to the floor areas surrounding the base and the junction between the flushing cistern and the bowl.

Wall-Mounted Toilet

Although not as common as their counterparts, wall-mounted toilets are great to consider. They provide a clean, sleek, modern aesthetic look. This is mainly because the tank goes into the wall and is invisible to the human eye. The four essential components of a wall-mounted toilet are the wall tank, the flush actuator, the toilet bowl, and the seat. The typical tank is accessible in sizes that fit between a 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 wall stud, and it is installed inside the wall. The toilet’s internal wall-mounting parts are contained in the wall carrier. The tank and the supports needed to install the toilet are contained in a container. An important thing to note is that all of these parts are sold separately and can get expensive. A wall-hung toilet is more expensive to install and buy the supplies for than a floor-mounted toilet. In addition, it is harder to access the tank. It is not as easy as taking off the top lid, and at times may require the assistance of a plumber. On a positive note, the height of the toilet may be altered to meet the needs of the homeowner, which is a pleasant feature of wall-mounted toilets. For people with mobility impairments who

medically need a higher level from the floor, this is a game-changer. Wall-mounted toilets are also easier to clean and maintain that clean modern look that livens up the look in any room.