Do You Need a Copper Repipe?

Residences such as condos and apartments contain a wide range of infrastructural requirements. Piping is one of the most important of these requirements. Most of these pipes are made up of copper, since it has proven to be a long-term, durable, reliable, sturdy material that is very resistance to devastating effects, which running water and moisture tends to have. Having this in mind, you should know that there comes a day when your pipes will fail and that’s the right time for a copper repipe.

Below are some important consideration in respect to copper repiping for your home

Types of Pitting Corrosion

copper repipe

Moderately or hard water can cause corrosion if it has a pH of between 7 and 7.8, and if the temperature is below 138 degrees Fahrenheit. This is what is called type-I pitting corrosion, and it can cause the failure of your pipes.

Type II pitting corrosions on the other hard occurs when soft water runs through a copper pipe. This is when pH level of water is less than 7.2. Corrosion due to cold soft water with high pH levels is called type III pitting corrosion.

Do you require complete re-pipe?  

You may/may not require to have all your copper pipes replaced. Some problem may only need a plumber to repair/replace a small section of your plumbing system. However, with pipes that are aging, this solution might be temporary, as more leaks are likely to be seen later. Often, it’s best to bite the bullet and ensure a total copper repipe is done. In the long run, this will save you a lot of cash.

Having this in mind, it is very important to make sure that you have gotten a specialist to check your plumbing system as soon as you see dropping of water or leaks.