What’s the Deal with Kitec Plumbing?

Hello, friends! Have you ever heard of Kitec plumbing? Don’t worry if you haven’t! Today, we’re going on an exciting adventure into the world of pipes and water, specifically about Kitec plumbing. So, strap in, and let’s dive right in!

What on Earth is Kitec Plumbing?

Imagine this: It’s the ’90s. Backstreet Boys are on the radio, and someone invents a cool, colorful kind of pipe for homes, called Kitec. These pipes are kind of like sandwiches, with layers of plastic and aluminum, and they come with brass fittings to connect everything together. They were used for delivering cold and hot water around the house. It was a popular plumbing solution used in homes primarily between 1995 and 2007. It’s important for homeowners to know about Kitec plumbing because it has been associated with various problems that can lead to failure and potential damage to a home.

Oh, Oh! We Have a Problem!

Unfortunately, the brass fittings started to act like that one cookie in your lunchbox that turns all soft and crumbly. They began to weaken, and sometimes break or leak. Not cool, right? And the sandwich-like pipes, well, they didn’t stay fresh forever either. Over time, especially with hot water or certain chemicals, they could fall apart too. Unfortunately, you can’t repair Kitec plumbing. The only option is to replace all with Pex or copper plumbing.

Because of these issues, Kitec plumbing was recalled, and there were even lawsuits about it. It’s kind of like when a toy gets recalled because it’s not safe to play with.

How to Spot Kitec Plumbing?

Wondering how to spot these mystery pipes? Look for pipes that are often blue (for cold water, brrr!) or orange (for hot water, ahhh!). They might also have “Kitec” or “KTC” written on them. You’re most likely to find Kitec plumbing if you live in Canada or the United States.

Time for a Change?

If you find Kitec plumbing in your house, it’s like finding an expired snack in your cupboard. It’s probably time to change it. Have a plumbing professional do an inspection. It might cost a bit, but hey, better safe than sorry!

Selling a House with Kitec Plumbing?

Selling a house with Kitec plumbing is like selling a toy that’s been recalled. You have to tell the person buying it what’s wrong with it. Some might still want to buy it, but they might ask for a lower price or for the plumbing to be changed first.

What about a Refund?

There was a fund established as a result of a class action lawsuit but unfortunately “to qualify for a payout, you need to complete and submit a claim form, available on the Case Documents page, by January 9, 2020. After this deadline, any leftover money will be returned to the IPEX Funding Entities, and late claims won’t be accepted.” More information available: http://www.kitecsettlement.com/faq.cfm.

Always check legal experts in your jurisdiction to understand your rights.

The Final Word

So, there you have it, Friend! Kitec plumbing, once the new kid on the block, ended up not being so cool after all. If you suspect you have Kitec plumbing in your home, it’s essential to consult with a plumbing professional to assess the situation and recommend appropriate actions, whether that includes monitoring, repair, or full replacement.