Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaning

There are various methods of drain cleaning when you encounter a clog in your home.

Perhaps you have heard of hydro jetting and are curious if this method is right for you? I believe utilization of hydro jetting to be the most efficient method to drain cleaning, but like most things in life there are pros and cons to using hydro jetting for your drain cleaning.

Let’s first discuss what hydro jetting is. In simple terms, it’s the utilization of high-pressure water through a specialized nozzle. The specialized machine can generate up to 4,000 pounds per square inch (psi). The force effectively cuts through the blockage, breaks it apart, and flushes it out. If you look at the picture shown here, you can see how the specialized nozzle allows for an effective solution to unclog drains but more importantly, remove build-up in the pipe walls as the force is in all directions. The high-pressure water can reach the complete surface area of your pipe ensuring proper flow in your drain system.

Now let’s talk about some of the advantages.

As mentioned before, Hydro Jetting is efficient thorough cleaning. Other drain cleaning methods typically only punch a hole through the blockage. Hydro jetting will thoroughly clean the inside walls of the pipes. It’s understandable that over time your drainpipe will accumulate build up leaving your pipes more prone to blockages. Hydro jetting comprehensive cleaning leads to the next advantage over other traditional drain cleaning method- long lasting results. Hydro jetting is likely to reduce the frequency of blockages in comparison to traditional drain cleaning method by completely cleaning the inside walls of your drainpipe. Hydro jetting is extremely versatile and powerful. Whether you have a small clog or tree roots, hydro jetting will clear all blockages thoroughly in most types of drainpipes.

Let’s talk about the cons or rather limitations of hydro jetting to see if this drain cleaning method may be right for you. As mentioned before, hydro jetting is extremely powerful. It is recommended to have a trained professional utilize the machine. Improper use of hydro jetting could lead to serious damage of your drainpipe. To begin with, the biggest limitation of hydro jetting is the existing condition of your drainpipe. If your drainpipe structural integrity is deteriorated or rather compromised, the use of hydro jetting is not recommended. Very old pipe may be too weak or compromised to handle hydro jetting. We recommend a sewer camera inspection before the use of the hydro jet. Be weary of someone that recommends the use of

hydro jetting without knowing the existing condition of your drainpipe.

Lastly, people typically consider the cost before deciding which service they will go with; Hydro jetting has a higher upfront cost than other drain cleaning methods. As stated before, hydro jetting requires a specialized machine, a trained and experienced technician, and knowledge of the structural integrity of the existing drainpipe. These three things make hydro jetting more costly than other drain cleaning methods. Given the longer lasting results of hydro jetting, it may be more cost efficient over the long term to maintain the health of your drainpipe and reduce the need of repairs in the future.

Hydro jetting is the next generation of drain cleaning with its thorough efficient cleaning and long-lasting results. An investment worth making when deciding on your next drain cleaning method.