Signs That You’re Water Tell You When It’s Time to Repipe Your Home

Having running water is a convenience we can take for granted.  When we start to have problems with the water pressure, we then know how important water pressure is. Maintenance of your plumbing system helps you to avoid surprises like having your plumbing system failing. As a home owner, it’s important to know, when to repipe and when not to repipe your home plumbing system.

Your water system can tell when you need to repipe

These are the most common indicators;

  1. Low or unbalanced water pressure


When you have a low or unbalanced water pressure, this is an indication that you have a corroded metallic pipe. As the corrosion builds up in the interior of the pipe, the output of water is reduced affecting its pressure. Presence of a poor water pressure, is one the common signs that you have a problem with your plumbing system. Therefore, you need to repipe your system.

  1. Water discoloration

Always check the color of your water, for it tells you a lot about your pipes’ condition. If your water is discolored (brown or has a red tint), when you turn on your faucets and gradually becomes clear. This is an indication that there is either corrosion of the pipes or they are damage. Hence, you need to repipe them.

  1. Water smell

Always take note of the smell of your water, for it will tell you a lot about your plumbing system. When you have either smelling or poor tasting water, this is an indication that your pipes are deteriorating. The smell gets worse as the problem continues to progress.  Repipe your plumbing system when you have any kind of odor from your water.

  1. Temperature fluctuations

When someone flushes the toilet and the water turns scalding, be sure to call a professional to come and check your pipes. When it’s hard to change your water temperatures or there is a wild reaction. For instance, your water suddenly turning to very hot, this is an indication that you need to repipe.

When you have the above mentioned problems, contact a professional to come and inspect your piping system.  Repiping your system will help you to save money in the long run.