Repiping is the process of replacing pipes that are used for supply either for domestic or businesses. This is not a temporary fix neither is it a replacement of a short section of the pipe, instead it requires a complete replacement of the plumbing system. There are many reasons that would require one to repipe their home or business. This includes; rusty colored water, leaks from the pipes or even corrosion of the pipes hence leading to low water pressure.

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The repiping process is the installation of a new copper repipe system. The old accessible pipes are removed and replaced with the new plumbing system. The new hard copper USA type “L” is also included in the installation process it’s secured plus well strapped. There is more over the installation of water stops that is ¼ kwik, plus water supply lines of stainless steel are installed. When the installation of the new piping system is done, water will be turned back on. The system will be pressure tested and later be flushed out.

Materials used in Repiping

For a successful repiping to be obtained there ought to be a professional inspection of the site. In order to obtain a standard repiping system, there should be installation of cold and hot domestic water piping from the water source to the existing fixtures and faucets.

While re-piping there are certain materials that are used some are metals while others can be plastic. Metal pipes are galvanized with; copper, brass, steel or iron. While the plastic pipes are; Kitec, Poly Ethylene PE, Poly Vinyl Chloride PVC and Polybutylene among others. Re-piping can be done through sand blasting of the inside of the worn thin pipe and painting with epoxy paint inside the worn pipe.

Copper metal is proven to be the best for re-piping although it is becoming more expensive. This is because copper has a high-class quality and it’s durability makes it the best metal for indoor repiping. Copper is flexible, resistant to rust, light weight and safe. The copper used in re-piping is the hard USA copper that is manufactured, properly protected plus installed. Avoid using soft copper when re-piping.

Factors to be Considered

Repiping of one’s home depends on a lot of factors such as; the distance away from the city’s mainline, the number of the bathrooms and fixtures plus the size of the structure to be repiped. Repiping is not a simple, easy way of repairing it needs special skills plus plumbing experience. Therefore you are required to identify the problem then contact the right contractor who has plumbing experience.