Why You Need a Proper Sprinkler Installation, Repair and Maintenance System

Maintaining your sprinkler system is very essential, this is because; it will save you time which could have been spent on the monotonous sprinkling of your lawn. This will ensure that your lawn stays beautifully green.

When it comes to the lush green lawn, its appearance is exceptionally beautiful. However, the lushness requires a lot of hard work. This involves daily sprinkling the lawn with water using quite a heavy hose and it also takes a lot of time.

Sprinklers are able to water your lawn without the need of labor, the in-built sprinkler is a better option than the portable sprinklers. You do not need to move the in-built sprinkler from one place to another in order to water your lawn uniformly. In-built sprinklers are the best, this is because, in the event that you forget to move it to the right place, you will still get your grass intact.


The drip lone irrigation and the pop-up sprinklers are the most popular sprinklers available. You can be able to install your sprinkler zonally; this is to have an easier operational control on different places. You can also be able to customize your sprinkler installation; most homeowners’ prefer to have it laid in zones. This ensures that each section is watered independently.

You can also choose between automatic and manual sprinkler systems. The automatic sprinklers are ideal in the event that you spend a lot of time away from home. You can program the sprinklers to water particular parts of your lawn daily. When you are installing the sprinkler system, ensure that you have an expert look at its control panels, timers, and sprinkler heads.

Managing your sprinkler system can be a bit hard and you may require repairs to be done. It is recommended that you have repairs done on time, lest you end wasting a lot of money and having a dried up lawn.

Reasons for having sprinkler repairs

  • When the rotary spray head is run over or kicked by a mower
  • When your pop up head stops popping up
  • When you have leaky valves and a clog filter screen
  • When you have the small tubing’s or nozzle clogging that is due to dirt or debris.

In the event that a major line pipe gets cut either during installation or something just cuts it, you ought to urgently repair it. You can stop water from gushing out furiously by turning off the main water valve and repairing the sprinkler. Small pipes burst easily when your filter clogs up due to buildups which results to the high water pressure.

When it comes to sprinkler repiping, you can do this by using rigid PVC as it’s a better alternative to the thin wall pipes. Having an incorrect power setting or power failure will result to the sprinkler to either underwater or over water your lawn. This will consequently have a disastrous effect on your lawn; a sprinkler repairman is able to fix this problem.

It is important that you go for a reliable company, one that is able to take care of your sprinkler system from its installation, repiping and repairs. This will later ensure that you have a lush green lawn.