Repiping Installation Procedure

To have a safe, efficient and reliable system; proper repiping installation is a very important step. The plumbing system works on very simple concept of water in and water out. In a home the plumbing system has three main components these are: the drainage system, the water supply system and appliances set.

Major Steps in a Repiping Installation

repiping installation

  • Site Inspection

For a successful and quick installation, an understanding of the project; plus the site where the project is taking place is very important. In the process of site inspection, the contractor is to outline every detail of the project and what is included. Also the contractor is to explain whether or not the drains; the faucet will require to be replaced during the installation process.

  • System Layout

Determining of the system layout is done when the job is agreed on. Here there is ordering of the materials for the new system.

  • Preparation

There is cleaning of the site before the new installation. Cleaning is done in all areas, around and behind your toilets, showers, sinks and faucets. If there are any additional requirements, the contractor will notify you.

  • Installation

Qualified professional are to handle the installation process for your new repiping system. This ensures efficiency, safety and reliability of the install.

  • Performance

When the installation is complete, test the system; if there are any necessary adjustments required they will be made. As a result, this ensures that the installation works properly.

  • Wall Repair

The city is to do an inspection and approve of the installation. However, it is the contractors who repair the walls as well as clean up the site.

  • Job Completion and Inspection

When the job is done, have a final walk-through of the installation with the contractor. This is to help you have an understanding of the aspects of the new repiping system. Plus you are able to ensure the work is done to your standards.