How To Know It’s Time To Call The Plumbers To Install Copper Repipe

When it comes to copper repipe/repiping, it is the process of repairing the existing pipes in your home or business with newer pipes. Usually, the existing pipes are 25 years old or more, they are made of galvanized steel which is iron piping that is coated with zinc. With time zinc begins to corrode forming rust with time. This will eventually cause a lot of problems.

With the corrosion of galvanized steel and its deterioration, it decreases your water pressure significantly. Water pressure can be defined as the amount of force that water passes through with when it is coming out of the faucet. Water volume is different from water pressure, water volume being the amount of water that is coming out of the faucet at a given time.

Signs to show that you need copper repipe

You will know that you need a repipe when your plumbing system has the following signs:

  • Your washing machine taking a lot more time to fill
  • You garden hose not being able to shoot water out forcefully
  • Your shower being not as powerful as it once was
  • A smell of foul odor coming out of your taps
  • Your tap water being discolored because of rust
  • When you have your galvanized pipes starts to leak

Copper Repipe

When you are to repipe your house, plumbers recommend that you use copper pipes. This is because copper is light in weight and it does not rust. Copper is quite flexible, being able to easily bent in order to fit the area that you are to repair.

When it comes to copper repiping, it involves repairing your existing pipes by using new pipes that are made from copper. Copper repiping is not a do it yourself plumbing project. You will need to contact a professional plumber, in order to ensure that the job is correctly done.