Why New Buildings Can Experience Pipe Problems Too

Age is not always the issue when it comes to plumbing. Buildings that suffer from leaks or other pipe problems are usually because of the age of the piping system or due to defective products. What most people are not aware of is that even new buildings, the new condominiums or apartment can also suffer from leaks, poor water pressure and drain back-ups.

If a new community happens to be experiencing sudden leaks, it could be due to defective materials, products were unfittingly installed or because of improper engineering of the piping system.  We see on the supply side of a buildings having an improper water pressure, on the waste side we will have; slow drains and back-ups.

Pipe Problems

Another problem is when two different types of pipes; for instance copper and galvanized steel are joined together without a dielectric union between them. This will lead to acceleration in corrosion and untimely failure of the pipes; as the two metals react with each other. Therefore, it is clear that it’s not only age of the pipes that will cause you to have problems with your pipes.

How to Avoid this Pipe Problems

As an owner how can you avoid problems with your piping system? You can do this by investing in a licensed, experienced and a qualified professional to handle your piping system. Have a professional scale your project and design a piping system for you, doing this is a smart way that will prevent you from having costly mistakes.

Hence, it is essential for you to Plan ahead, invest up-front on the appropriate piping system design. This will end up saving you a lot of headaches in the long run.  You do not have to have an old building for you to have piping problems like leaks, breaks, low water pressure among others.