Materials for Repiping-What Materials are Best for Repiping Your Home?

Materials for Repiping are very important when it comes to replacing the old pipes with new ones. Repiping is a very important activity, most common and largest job in plumbing. Although it is an expensive and time consuming activity, it is less straining since it is usually done rarely and mostly for the old homes. Additionally, this is a worthwhile activity since once repiping is done a home owner may rest for a century and then do it. Iron and galvanized steel are the most commonly used plumbing system materials especially for the older homes. This is because they are durable and tough metals. However, they have been superseded by other currently used plumbing system materials since they get corroded over time.

But What Kind of Materials for Repiping Should Replace Those Old Steel Pipes?

Well, there are multiple answers to the question above. However, you should consider contacting a professional plumber to educate you on the best pipes for your home plumbing system.  You need to know that a long lasting and reliable plumbing system will require combination of different materials for wholesome functioning and to ensure that they are environmental friendly. Below are some of the modern repiping materials that are free from corrosion among other long term internal and external problems.


Materials for Repiping

CPVC; chlorinated polyvinyl chloride is a very common and the most preferred plastic pipes. They are known for flexibility and resilient strength. It is a strong polymer that is even better than the commonly known PVC standard pipes. Additionally, CPVC are able to withstand both low and very high temperatures hence they are the best pipes for the high temperature water lines as well as the drain lines.


Materials for Repiping

Copper is a tough strong metal, though lighter and flexible than steel. Well, most of the piping today is done using this kind of a material. Its light and flexible nature is of great importance in enabling it to remain strong and does not easily break even after exposure to high pressure. Additionally, unlike the older metals like steel, copper is resistant to corrosion hence offers services for centuries.


This is also known as the cross-linked polyethylene, the new plastic being used in the plumbing system. PEX repiping pipes are used interchangeably with the CPVC plastic pipes though they are a little bit expensive.  They are highly demanded for complete house repiping since they are flexible something that makes them to last longer and be easily fitted and installed on tiny and tight openings and places.


Contacting professional plumbers is the best way to determine when to repipe your home and the best Materials for Repiping to use. More so, for best repiping you need to pay great attention on the following. In case you need cost effective repiping, CPVC is your best option. For long lasting repiping, use PEX materials. Additionally, copper is safer and a high quality material for repiping and you will have no corrosion problems.