When Should I Install Copper Repipe?

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If you live in a house or home, which was built 25 or more years ago then there is a high chance that the water pipes in that structure is made out of a galvanized piping. If this is the case then the galvanized pipes in your house will start to deteriorate as they start to age and they will need to be replaced; what is known as copper repipe.

There are various reasons why it is a must for you to do copper repiping in your home. First, it may be because you found your pipes leaking. In some cases, it might be because the water pressure in your house/structure has severely reduced. And some individuals realize they require copper repiping when they see/notice a rusty color in their pipes.  Repiping is one of the rarer home improvement activities people undergo, since it is less evident than upholstery or new furniture. However, in the long-run it can save you a lot of cash, preventing a flooded basement, a pipe burst, or even worse.

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There are several benefits for replacing old plumbing in your home with new copper repipe, the biggest of them all is being able to restore the high water pressure in your house. Small debris and rust start to accumulate in your pipe over time making your water pressure to reduce or to start leaking. Make sure all the areas that cause problems are fixed so that you can regain your water pressure. In addition, by replacing your worn-out and/or old pipes will surely keep you from having any leakages or other problems in the future.

Save yourself from spending thousands of dollars in home repairs by spending the cash now for new water pipes. You will need to do some simple house tests to try to find where the problem is worst, before you start tearing your old pipes. Start doing this by noting which water appliances and faucets are having worst problems. Identify the specific location where in your house you are experiencing worst water leakage or pressure. It is very easy to isolate the specific pipe that requires replacement immediately.

If you are in a process of renovating your kitchen or bathroom, this is really a good time to install new water pipes. Our plumbers can come to your home, see the pipes and give you a rough estimation. They will give you better quotation on the price. You might think this is an expensive endeavor, but realistically it is not, especially if you consider how much money it can cost to repair water damage to your walls or floors; it is much better to take a couple thousands to copper repipe your house before it becomes too late.