How To Fix Leaking Pipes Under A Slab Foundation.

leaking pipes

Leaking pipe underneath your foundation can result from a damaged water or sewer line. Mending the damaged line is not as hard as it is in locating and gaining access to the damaged line. Locating the general area of the leak is necessary; once the area is located, you will have to chisel through the concrete to the pipes in order to repair it. This article will explain to you how to fix leaking pipes under a slab foundation.

Signs of a Slab Leak.

  • The occurrence of water or damp spots on the floor. Warm spots on the floor are because of leaking hot water.
  • The sound of rushing water beneath your floor; is another giveaway of lines leaking.
  • High water bill because of the continuous running of water.

Indications of a Sewer Line Leak (leaking pipes).

Leaks from sewer lines usually go undetected; this is until there is a visible sign of foundation damage.

  • Slab swells to the extent of lifting a building; this occurs in areas with extensive soil.
  • A dome or raised section on the floor is an indication of a sewer line leak.

Elusive Leaks.

To be able to identify a slab leak, specialized listening devices are required. This is by turning off the water supply; then there is air pumping into the lines. Therefore, the remaining water in the lines is involuntarily taken out of the lines. Identification of the leak by the plumber is by listening to the escaping air from the pipes. The plumber is to determine the best way of repairing the leak. If pipes are made of, galvanize pipes it is recommended that the whole house is re-plumbed; this is because the old galvanize pipes will continue to spring leaks as they age.

Gaining Access.

To repair a slab leak, one needs to identify the location of the slab. A hole made to expose the pipe, and then the dirt removed in order to reach to the leaking pipes. Slab opening creates a lot of dust; hence, covering is to all valuables.

Repairing Water Lines.

Copper tubing is the most common type of pipe used under a slab foundation. When copper pipes age, they wear out and become thin, springing to a leak. Repairing the copper wire is by cutting the damaged part with a tubing cutter, reciprocating saw or a hacksaw and removing it. Another piece of tubing joined with copper coupling is for replacing the damaged part.

Repairing Sewer Lines.

The piping system can be PVC, iron or clay; this will depend on the age of the house. Special rubber coupling is ideal for connecting the different types of pipes, but experts do not recommend their use beneath concrete slabs, as they deteriorate over time.