Dangers of delaying plumbing repair

Did you know that a $100 plumbing repair if delayed may lead to $10000 fixing needs? Well, it is important to know that overlooking a plumbing problem may expose you to lifetime debts. Among other areas to be well maintained in a property, plumbing repairs require the first priority. Read below to find the common danger of delaying plumbing.

Below are common dangers of delaying plumbing

Water damage

delaying plumbing

Water damages starts with simple leaks that end up becoming huge pools of water covering the floor and ceilings in a home. Therefore, it is very important to know that delaying repair of leaking water in a home can be an underlying problem in future. Leaking showers, bathrooms and sinks result to severe health risks to the residents and neighbors. Moreover, sewage backups from the toilets to commercial centers, homes or institutions are a severe health hazard. Other water damages include; destroying the structural integrity of a home by damaging its property. Additionally, Pools of water after accumulation destroy the electronics and the hard wood flooring.

Mold growth

When Left leaking, water pools will definitely provide a perfect condition for growth of mold in the floor, corners of a house, ceilings and in the walls. Mold is a very serious problem that can seriously compromise the health of your family. Such problems include; induction of allergic reactions and many problems that emanate from the damage of the lungs. Children are most prone to health problems than adults when they breathe in the mold.

Water loss and structural damage

Most water sources in home are metered. A delayed repair of water closets, water faucets sinks, leaking taps in a house is a huge problem no matter how insignificant the impact may look at initial stages.  As water trickles slowly by slowly, storage tanks are being emptied after every minute. Eventually, you will realize that there is no water to use at home. Water leakages from the water tanks make the walls wet. The paint layers pill hence the building look messy and unattractive. Green molds rot on the walls and basements hence weakening the structure and foundation of a building.

Higher water bill

Water bills accumulate with every drop of water lost. This is because no matter how slow the trickling is, the water meter is still recording. Simple overlooked water leaking repairs can worsen hence increasing the loss of water. Then local water company will be after you until you settle the bills. Remember simple leaks can cause you to pay thousands of money for just wasted water.

A foul mood and Unpleasant odor production in a home

Defective plumbing system such as water damage and non functioning sewage system are very dangerous to the owner and surroundings. The foul mood and the unpleasant odor lead to unaesthetic conditions. Business premises with foul mood and unpleasant odor will definitely shun the clients away. In fact, foul mood and the unpleasant smell, may have you charged for violating building and health codes.


As discussed earlier on, you will realize that dangers of delaying plumbing repairs can pose serious risks and loses in the long run. It is therefore important to occasionally check your system and attend any problems as soon as they occur. Do not wait for plumbing episode that is alarming and cataclysmic in order to act.