Critical Facts to Know About Re-piping

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When it comes to re-piping, it involves the installation of a new copper repipe system. The process involves the removal of old accessible pipes and replacing it with the new plumbing system.  Repiping is done when you start having; low water pressure, discoloured water, or having a bad taste in your water; just to mention but a few.


Plumbers who have a license for plumbing have the license to do a re-pipe job. It is therefore important that you note; repiping is part of any plumbing license classification. Plumbing companies who specialize in re-piping are referred to as Copper Repiping Specialists. When it comes to re-piping specialist companies, who have a legal license they are also plumbers.

Plumbing companies who specialize in repiping are able to re-pipe a building better, at a lower cost and faster when you compare them to regular plumbers. Repiping of a house is usually for comfort and also to have showers and other fixtures working effectively. Repiping is also done as it’s able to prevent accidental scalding.

You can be able to protect your investment from damages due to the bursting of pipes or mold contamination. This can be achieved by repiping your home; not to forget when it comes to repiping it is an exceptional investment to be made for your property.

In order for you to have a successful repipe job, it’s important that you first have a professional inspect the site. Installation of the cold and hot domestic water piping system is also essential. This ensures that you have a standard repiping system that is from your water source to your fixtures.

When it comes to different materials for repiping, some are metals while others are plastic. The metal pipes are galvanized with; steel, iron, brass or copper. Whereas for the plastic pipes they are Poly Ethylene PE, Poly Vinyl Chloride PVC, polybutylene and kitec among others. You can also do a repipe by sandblasting the inside of your worn pipe; then painting it with epoxy paint.

Repiping is not an easy task; you should, therefore, let a professional do you’re repiping. This is to ensure that your plumbing system will be working effectively.