What is sewer clean out?

The most important part of the waste disposal and home plumbing is the sewer clean out. It is therefore very vital for every owner of a home and the tenants to know where the sewer clean out are located.

Sewer clean out comprises of a pipe with a cap. This pipe is connected to the sewer line to help in removing blockages when they occur. Connecting your home to any public sewer system is the lateral sewer line.

Connecting sewer clean out to sewer line

The lateral sewer line is connected to the sewer clean outs at various points from different homes. Therefore, a clog occurring to the lateral sewer line that is connected to your sewer clean out becomes your responsibility to incur the cost as the owner of the property. Moreover, a need of emptying the sewer clean outs is your responsibility too.

Sewer clean outs for the public sewer system is larger compared to those of the lateral sewer line. They are situated along municipal sewer line and are maintained by the local municipality. It is the responsibility of the city to cater for cost of removing blockages and cleaning these sewer lines.

Sewer clean outs located along the lateral sewer line are mostly found near a home or a property line. For those regions with a lot of snow, the sewer clean out is located in the basement for easy accessibility.

Importance of sewer clean outs during blockage

Sewer Clean Out

In case of the sewer blockage, the sewer clean outs cap can be removed by simply twisting the cap by hands or by using a wrench. An auger or the snake is then used to clear the blockages. What happens is that the end of an auger is joined to the sewer clean out. The cable is therefore pushed via the sewer lines in order to empty the blockages.

Video inspection plumbing services

Videos inspection services are used by a plumber to inspect any blockage in a sewer line. Video camera is placed on a snake, passed through the line to access its condition and the nature of the clogs. Hydro jetting is used to clear out the clogs where a water jet with a high pressure is used.

When a sewer line blockage occurs, turn off the water supply, and ensure that no plumbing fixture is being used. Therefore do a thorough check up on any blockage signs in the sewer clean out.  You can clear out any visible blockage and finally, do not forget to call for plumber assistance.