Ways To Keep Your Unit (Refrigerator) Working Like New

Storing foodstuff in refrigerator is one of a security measure to ensure that you have fresh and enough food either in the house or even storing food for commercial purposes. For instance, food stored in the restaurant or supermarkets should always be as fresh as possible. Proper storage of food can be done by the use of a refrigerator. This is important in maintaining the freshness of perishable food varieties.

It is very important to ensure that this storage facility, the refrigerator, remains in a good working condition, to ensure this the following activities should be put in place;

Maintaining proper hygiene


To achieve this you should develop a daily cleaning routine, one in the morning and the other during the evening time. Freshwater can be used in conjunction with a suitable washing detergent, by doing so freshness and a nice scent will remain in the refrigerator. In cases of spills, it should be cleaned immediately, after it occurs by moping or wiping. The seals of the refrigerator should also be cleaned regularly, a dirty seal will prevent proper closing of the refrigerator doors.

Maintaining a constant temperature

The irregular changing of the refrigerator temperature will result in the spoilage of the food. To avoid this problem a temperature monitoring system should be put in place. You should make it at least a daily routine to check the refrigerator temperature. A good storage temperature is one that won’t drop frequently.

Conducting a quarterly maintenance

This is cleaning but it’s deeper than just water cleaning. It also involves checking for any signs of damages, lubrication should be done at the hinges. In case of any observable signs of damage, you should seek the assistance of an expert for repair.

Protecting the refrigerator from high heat sources

This will ensure that the food temperature remains cold, high temperatures around and within the refrigerator overworks the compressor, this will reduce the lifespan of the refrigerator.

Timely replacement of the rubber seal on the door

The rubber seal serves an important function of not allowing hot air from outside to enter the refrigerator. The seal is very prone to damages and replacement should be made immediately when it occurs. An unrepaired seal will make the refrigerator to consume more power thus a higher electric bill.

Reducing the accumulated frost

Allowing the build up of frost in the refrigerator will accumulate on the coils thus making the refrigerator to overwork. This reduces its effectiveness of storing food, and thus, in the long run, reducing the refrigerator life span.

Keeping in touch with a professional service provider

Frequent invitation of an expert to conduct a regular check up on the refrigerator will help identify any damages on its early development stage. Therefore an early attention will be given. The professional will also remind you, with the daily activities that should be done to ensure the refrigerator works effectively for a long period of time.

If you will follow these simple routines perfectly. I can a sure you that your refrigerator will serve you for several years.