Tips for Maintaining Of Drains

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We all know that drains and sewer have been around for years now, with them we are able to leave good lives. All the States have the following in common; sewage, drainage system and pipes. In the past, cleaning the drain was a difficult job; in the event that a break or clog happens, a plumber was to dig so as to expose the pipes thus enabling them to determine the problem. With the new drain cleaning technology, experts can identify pipe issues without having to dig them out.

We have modern sewer and drain cleaning equipment they include; the high-pressure water jetting and video technology. With the video technology, plumbers are able to look inside and locate the object causing a blockage. Tree roots are cut using the powerful rotating augers.

You can blast away the pieces of sediments and grease which cause clogging of the drain. Clean the footer drains in the basement and grease in the restaurant sewer lines by using the technology. For the small plumbers, the miniaturized is best for them as it’s affordable. This system requires professionals who are qualified to run the machines.


Clog drain system can lead to a lot of problems, for instance, a buildup of water in the bathroom. Here a plunger can be used so as get rid of the debris which blocks water flow. There are cases where the plunger is not able to reach some debris, in this case, use baking soda and vinegar in order to dissolve the debris.

Some plumbers employ the use of roto-rooting, where the debris blocking the pipes is cut. You can also use the water jitters; it creates a high water pressure so that the blockage can be removed. In the event that water cannot remove the fungus and algae on the walls of the pipes, you can use the acid washing technique.

With regular cleaning of your home’s draining system, you will prevent your drains from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria’s or by clogging the pipes. Therefore, it is essential that you have your; sink, shower or bathtub cleaned by a professional annually.