Top Three Reasons For Emergency Furnace Repair

During the winter season, millions and millions of homes rely on furnaces to keep themselves warm. Maintaining your furnace system ensures; that it’s functional and efficient throughout the cold season. However, there are cases where an emergency furnace repair will be required; this includes the following.

Reasons For Emergency Furnace Repair

  1. The furnace isn’t working

In the event that your furnace system stops working, reset the circuit breaker which runs the system. If it’s still not working and you’re  stuck in a house, which keeps getting colder  due to the low outdoor temperatures; then it’s time to make an emergency call to an expert to have the issue fixed.

  1. Your carbon monoxide alarm keeps going off

Emergency Furnace Repair

In case you have the carbon monoxide alarm going off every time you turn on your furnace, then it’s a likely indication that you have combustion issues. Your furnace could be emitting dangerous chemicals. If this is the case or you can smell sulfur, turn off the furnace, snuff out candles and contact an emergency repair service ASAP.

  1. The unit is making loud and unusual noises

Having noises coming out of your furnace is not unusual, particularly when you’re turning it on the first time. However, if you’re hearing squeaks or loud pops either for an hour or more, then you ought to get it serviced immediately. The noises are an indication that the components of the system have become loose or are malfunctioning. If you ignore the problem it will only get worse, which will result to severe damages.

If you notice any of the mentioned problems above, ensure that you get in contact with an emergency  service team as soon as possible. Getting an emergency furnace repair helps you to avoid a lot of damages that can result. Not to forget getting back your furnace system working efficiently during the cold season.