The Current Trends In Smart Plumbing Technology

When it comes to the latest trends and the upcoming use of smart technology, it also affects plumbing just as it affects other industries. Green living and the use of smart technology has been accepted in view of builders and homeowners. Be it remodeling or building a project from scratch, plumbers need to install the more advanced and efficient systems.

The following comprise of some of the latest trends in smart plumbing technology.

  1. Brain pipes

Smart Plumbing

The brain pipes are automatic smart home plumbing system, which enables you to preserve natural resources; thus reducing a homeowner’s water footprint. With brain pipes, you are in a position of preventing damages from leaks, which costs a lot when repairing or replacing. The system is capable of monitoring your entire building or house; they also detect the location of a leak or breakage. You will then receive alerts of the exact location where there’s a problem.

  1. Eco-friendly components

More people are turning out to be environmentally conscious, going for efficient and green plumbing components. This is because of the rise in the cost of electricity and water; more individuals are also becoming aware of carbon footprint. Individuals are, therefore; seeking efficient toilets, shower heads, and faucets that have a low flush capacity.

  1. Smart appliances

There’s a considerable increase in the utilization of smart appliances such as; washing machines, toilets, dishwashers and water heaters. With all the machines available, it can be difficult to keep up with the level of technology available. This is best illustrated with appliances that come installed with computer chips, which control its activities from water temperature, water conservation, wash settings among others.

  1. Led temperature monitor

With smart technology, there are appliances and faucets that come with LED lighting and screens, which enables you to monitor temperature control. Bathroom faucets are in a position of giving you exact temperature reading, of water coming out and in the process using LED lights for visual guidance; for instance in the event that the water flow or water plate turns to blue, then the water is cold. If it turns red, then the water is hot; the fixtures utilize a built-in magnet, which generates power through the water flow on turning the valve on.

  1. ETWater  systems

Smart technology extends outdoor to care for your lawn, with ETWater systems you will no longer have home irrigation. With cloud technology, you are in a position of tracking the amount needed to keep a healthy, green landscape with a smart device. The device is capable of adapting to weather changes, having known the amount of rainfall that your lawn has received therefore no wastage of water.

  1. Grey water recycling

This is innovative and at the same times an interesting way of recycling and saving resources. Grey water includes water from your showers, tubs, washing machines and bathroom sinks, in other words, its water that’s been gently utilized. The water isn’t dirty however it contains traces of cleaning products, dirt, and food.

In case the water is not used, it flows into the natural water system such as lakes and rivers, which become pollutants due to the elements present. The grey water, however, isn’t harmful to plants; instead, they can make to be a perfect fertilizer. Instead of letting grey water flow down the drain, it’s beneficial and safe for irrigating your yard, which will keep it healthy and alive and in the process of restoring the natural water cycle.

Are you looking to upgrade your current system with new technologies which will make your home look better or be a smart home?  Using eco-friendly ways of utilizing your resources?  Give us a call to help you with that transition.