Do Tankless Water Heaters Really Save Energy?

A lot is trending in the market today on tankless water heaters. There is much improvement on this new technology of saving energy.  Tankless water heaters is doing great in energy saving  and millions of customers have fallen for it already. The manufacturers of the tankless water heaters are really promoting use of the tankless water heater through campaigns in order to create awareness and promote customer interest in the product.  So far, beyond what any other water heater can provide, the tankless water heater as proved to be the best in energy saving.

Facts about Tankless water heater

Tankless water heater is an effective and efficient energy saving and providing technology. Through findings and review from various users, there are many types of the tankless water heaters. Though they are effective and efficient, their extent is dependent on the type of the heater you have at your home. Below are discussions on the two types of the tankless water heaters in the market today;

Electric tankless water heatersTankless water heaters

Most people will go for the electric water heaters. They are 99% effective. Though electricity may be quite expensive, it is the cheapest compared to other energy sources. Good maintenance is required by the customers using this type of water heater or else they will have to incur many expenses on extensive rewiring.

Electric water heaters are rated to be the most efficient in energy saving as the energy cost has drastically decreased.  There is very little or zero energy wasting while transmitting the energy through the flue pipes.  Just like the LP or the natural gases source of energy, electricity cost for operating the water heaters is significantly almost equivalent. Therefore, the customers are much comfortable to use the technology unlike the olden days when electric bill cost was twice the cost incurred while using the gases or the LP.

Gas tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters

Gas tankless water heaters have a high possibility in energy saving. While choosing between the gas tankless water heater and the standard type of the tank water gas heater, the Tankless water is 50% more efficient in energy provision and saving. This is because the tank water heater requires energy for heating the full tanked water unlike the tankless water heater where no water heating is required.


Tankless water heater is great water heating technology that no one should afford to miss. It saves you of the high energy bills incurred while using the tank type water heaters. It is very efficient and effective with minimum maintenance.  Tankless water heater is all you need to effectively and efficiently save your energy. Go for it!