Tankless Water Heater Saves Energy, Money And Is Green.

Edwin Ruud invented the water heater in 1889; it is one of the neglected appliances in homes. The water heater consists of 40 or more gallon cylinder container; that has a gas burner or an electric element.  The burner has a pilot light that burns gas, the main burner comes periodically into action, which heats the water even when it cools. This goes on as water loses heat to the surrounding. The newer water heater is to ensure, a reduction in standby heat loss thus the proper insulation; beside all these there is still heat loss and the water has to be reheated.

Correct Installation of Tankless water heater Makes The Difference

Tankless Water Heater

Installation of the tankless water heater is done by a licensed, certified and an experience professional. Tankless water heater powered by natural gas is installed in many homes. The electric model of tankless water heater is not very economical; as they have a higher electric rates and higher installation cost.

The location of the tankless water heater to be installed is very important. For it is to be close to the gas line and gas meter. Utility gas meters can be restrictive, thus not providing enough gas. The resolution will be; changing the meter to a large unit and it costs nothing. Tankless water heater modulates its burner; this is done by adjusting the gas flow to the burner for desired temperatures.

Problems occur when there is need to supply greater amounts of hot water; but the unit is not able to get enough gas volume for the burners. During installation, the professional will minimize the pipe length that is from the tankless water heater to the bathroom. Hence, there is a reduction of cold water that is flushed; before the hot water reaches the faucet.

Why Contract an Expert?

There are some pump products on the market that continuously circulate hot water in the pipes so that hot water is immediately available when you open the hot water faucet. These pumps are very wasteful of energy because in most houses the hot water pipes are not insulated and made of copper. Copper being a good conductor of heat; enables hot water in the pipes to radiate heat to the surrounding plus cooling off quickly.

Our expert will install a tankless water heater pump or better a recirculating pump for you that is electronically controlled and turned on when needed. Tankless pumps like these add additional Convenience and prevent waste of water. The cooled off water in the hot water pipe is returned to the cold water pipes instead of being drained.