Traditional Water heater Vs Tankless water heater which one is better?

Traditional water heater is an old technology used in warming water that is still used today. More so, Tankless water heater is the newly invented modern method of heating water without having to store it in tanks.  It is important to realize that old is less modern, less effective and with many flaws in order to realize the best option. Moreover, identifying the best water heater between the traditional and the Tankless water heater requires the user to weigh many other factors.  Firstly, one should be well informed about the two appliances. Additionally, it is important to consider a water heater that best fits your budget, water usage and lifestyle situation,

Traditional water heater

Tankless water heater

Traditional water heater requires water to be stored in a tank of about 40-50 gallons. This water is preheated and waits to be used when one needs to shower or wash dishes. Refilling and reheating is done repeatedly whenever the storage tank is over. Most homes store huge tanks to maximize on electric bills incurred in repeated heating.

Why is traditional water heater being replaced with Tankless water heater?

Use of traditional water heater is mostly being replaced with use of Tankless water heater due to the following reasons;

  • They incur high utility bills resulting from heating and reheating of stored water.
  • Bigger tanks are more preferred hence occupying much of the space
  • They have a shorter life; lasting between 10-15 years hence one can replace them twice often compared to the Tankless water heater
  • The tank requires constant refilling or else it will run out of hot water.

Tankless water heater

Theses tanks are connected to a gas or an electrical source of heat. Heating or warming of the water is done on demand. No storing of water, refilling or reheating is required as per the traditional water heaters.  Most modern homes and institution prefer this kind of the water heater to traditional water heater.

Why Tankless water heater is the better option

  • Saves money in the long run

The upfront cost of installation is slightly higher. However, the cost reduces in the long run as one starts to save on the monthly bills. Actually, while comparing a 50- gallon heater tank and a condensed gas fired unit tankless heater of equivalent volume, one can save over 60% energy use, thus saving on cost.

  • Longer life

Tankless water heaters can last to more than 20 years given very little maintenance. However, with the best maintenance, this appliance can offer the user a life time service. This is because they are modern and effective with little or no flaws.

  • Occupies less space

They are a compact system smaller in size and occupying a very minimal space. Therefore, Most of the Tankless water heaters can be situated anywhere. They mainly installed on walls even outside the house.

  • Delivers hot water on demand

Tankless heater heats water as it passes through it. Therefore, you only need to wait for a few seconds and the water is warm or hot for use. The convenience of the tankless heaters involves providing hot, steaming or soothing temperature water indefinitely. The ability of the tankless water heater in providing hot water only when in need has contributed to efficiency in saving energy. Instead, traditional tanks run throughout, even at times when hot water in not in demand. Hence wasting a lot of energy i.e. about 8-55% of heating cost of water in a household


Tankless water heater is the better option for warm and hot water provision in homes commercial and institutional centers.  It is the most effective, convenient and economical method .Moreover, it can offer you a life time service if well maintained.  Reduce charges resulting from excess water heater consumption by installing a Tankless water heater in your home.