Sewer Camera Inspection- The Latest Method to Locate Problems in the Sewer Line

Are you aware of the newest way that you can use to locate sewer line problems?  Sewer camera inspection technologies are the new deal for your house hold. Get yourself an expert or a plumber that uses the sewer camera inspection technology; and see the excellent job done to your plumbing system.

Sewer Camera Inspection

In case you have your business or home experiencing plumbing issues, which could be slow drains or sewage backups. Having a sewer camera inspection done is essential in order to ascertain where the problem is. You will need to contact a professional who is using the sewer camera inspection and then start your repair.

This method is more convenient when you compare it to traditional ways of repairing damages, as they can cause inconveniences.

Traditional plumbers will need to dig up the driveways or your yard causing more damage to your landscapes and home. They will also replace or repair the sewer lines in a way that will still have issues with time. When it comes to traditional sewer line diagnostic and repair, it is done manually and it’s very destructive.

Benefits of Using Sewer Camera Inspection

  • The sewer camera inspection is able to locate all your sewer line problems for instance; faulty installation, cracks made by tree roots and any other chaos that could be in your system.
  • The sewer camera inspection is able to easily and efficiently pinpoint your sewer problems.
  • It does not require your entire property to be dug up; therefore, it doesn’t destroy your existing landscape
  • It is able to save you money, as it only requires a small hole to be dug at each ends of the pipe that requires replacement.

Sewer Camera Inspection

A tiny, flexible wire with water-proof camera at its end is used in sewer camera inspection. Insert the sewer camera on the ends of the pipes. Thus allowing you to locate and know the problem affecting your piping system.

When you locate the problem with the sewer camera inspection, trench-less pipe replacement will replace your damaged pipes. This method of pipe repair is less invasive and more effective in replacing the broken and damage pipes. Pipe bursting is used; the initial sewer line is a guide for the new pipe.

Using the existing sewer line pull the new pipe through it using a high strength cable, which splits the existing pipe apart, replacing it using a new seamless pipe (polyethylene). As a result, giving you a new, long-lasting sewer line that is on the exact location where the old sewer line was.

With sewer camera inspection technologies and its methods of repairing; you can avoid be able to avoid further sewer line problems in your business and at home.  Look for a professional who readily uses a sewer camera inspection; because, the sooner you are able to assess the problem the sooner you can be able to solve it.