Plumbing Preventative Maintenance

Your plumbing system and water- based appliances are to be routinely inspected and serviced. This routine inspection enables an individual to detect problems early: thus avoiding costly repairs. Therefore, paying you dividends in the long run. Plumbing Preventative is very important to someone’s home.

Carry out Plumbing Preventative in this Areas

Water Heaters

Water heater appliances are easily overlooked; this is until you start to have cold showers. It’s at this moment when home owners take the initiative to have their water heaters serviced. In order to avoid this, owners are advised to have scheduled water heater maintenance check-ups. Regular check-ups of the water heater make it to work better, last longer and use less energy.

In case your water heater is not working properly a home plumbing expert is to:

  • Check the pressure relief valve.
  • Drain your tank, this is to remove any sediments that would be in the tank.( if recommended)
  • The tank should be inspected for any presence of wear, rust or corrosion.
  • Replacing the worn out anode rods.

For a tank less water heater there are two types of regular maintenance that is required that is:

  • The in-line screen filter is checked for debris
  • The unit is kept free of scale and lime by flushing it.

Garbage Disposal

A sink garbage disposal unit enables a fast and easy cleanup of your food waste. Maintain the disposal unit to work properly by cleaning your garbage disposal on a regular basis. Sludge and debris build-up can be removed by; filling the garbage disposal unit with ice cubes and a cup of rock salt, and then run it for about 5 seconds. Grinding lemon while running warm water down the garbage disposal pipes; enables you to deodorize it.


A lot of wastes go down our drains every day from hair to grease and food waste. Hence, it is not surprising that with time our sinks are sluggish and clog. For efficient function of your drains it’s important to keep it in good conditions.

Home Service Plans

Plumbing Preventative

Preventative maintenance enables an individual to avoid expensive plumbing problems and any other inconvenience.

This is because the importance of preventative maintenance are as followed:

  • It increases water heater efficiency.
  • Enhances plumbing performance.
  • Helps to prevent plumbing problems.
  • Increases water heater lifespan.

Home service plan includes the following:

  • Annual water heater safety inspection
  • Annual inspection of an individual’s plumbing system

Home Plumbing System Inspection

A schedule annual inspection for your home plumbing system is important, to maintain a good health of your plumbing. Annual inspection ensures that your home is in good shape. Also, any problem that may be present can be easily fixed before it grows into a big and costly issue. Therefore, when inspecting home plumbing systems ensure you:

  • Inspect toilets and sinks for operational concerns.
  • Inspect emergency shut off valves.
  • Check fixtures and drains for water flow.
  • Check water pressure and pipe connections.
  • Inspect washing machines hoses.
  • Inspect the supply lines and drain systems.
  • Inspecting whole house water filtration systems.

Preventative maintenance/ plumbing preventative not only ensures that your plumbing system works efficiently; but it also cut down the cost of fixing any problem that may be present. Therefore, home owners are advised to use preventative maintenance for their plumbing systems.