Plumbing Features to Check Before Buying a New Home

Buying a new home is a great investment, so it is essential to inspect a property well before signing on it. When looking at homes to purchase, one has to consider checking the following plumbing features. Good plumbing inspection practices can avoid choosing a property with major damages.

Plumbing Features to Check Before Buying a New Home


Plumbing Features

Toilets can develop problems like leaks and clogs over time. One can determine whether or not a home’s toilets are functional and in good condition by checking the following:

  • Flush the toilet-When a toilet is flushed, the water must swirl quickly down the drain until the bowl is empty of water, then the water should refill the bowl to a standard level of water.
  • Stability of the toilet-Instability in a toilet is an indication that the wax ring around the toilet’s base has deteriorated. Active leaks causes wood rot and mold in the sub floor, hence expensive in repair.
  • Discoloration on the bases of the toilet- To determine once and for all whether or not a toilet is damaged.

Therefore, one has to plan to be with a professional plumber to ensure that important issues are disclosed hence buying a new home with less or no damages.

Main Sewers

Inspection of the main sewers is very important in that, one will be able to know the issues of wear and tear that could have probably landed the home buyer into the troubles of replacing them expensively. Mainly due to sludge build up and collapsing of pipes. Moreover, checking over the main sewers along the driveways is crucial to ensure that the sewer line remains intact to avoid concrete damages. Hence, preventing costly repairs that could have aroused after settling in the newly acquired home. Lastly, one has to check on the Mother Nature to make sure that the overgrown tree roots and any other home’s vegetation is removed. This is to make sure that it causes no damage to the pipes, hence maintaining good conditions of any building.

Water Heaters

Buying a house with an old or past-warranty water heater creates problems like rusty water and leaks. Licensed plumber should be employed to take a look at the water heater in the new home. This is by determining whether the water heater is succumbed to wear and tear. Checking on the scale buildup, rust and soot or smoke on the water heater will enable the new home seeker determine the best place to acquire.

Understanding the age and state of this essential plumbing device will help determine if the seller should replace it before selling the home. Or if one should get compensation for its replacement as part of the purchase agreement.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal unit should be turned on to ensure that the sound of the unit when it runs is normal, by looking at the counter or sink for vibration and movement. The owner should inquire about the age of the unit, to determine whether there is need of replacement. Before one takes a new home therefore, he/she has to inspect the entire plumbing system with a recognized plumber to ensure that there are no possible leakages.

Plumbing Features are a must check if you want to avoid feature problems in your new home.