PEX Piping VS. Copper Piping

PEX piping is known as a cross-linked polythene pipe. The material is known to withstand extreme temperatures whether it is too hot or too cold. This is as a result of the material undergoing several processes that made it durable; from chemical attack from acids, creep deformities that result from long-term exposure to stress and from alkalis. The PEX is flexible, and it is well adapted to temperatures; below freezing point and high temperatures all the way to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore, PEX is an excellent piping material for either hot or cold water systems.

PEX piping

The PEX is a good plumbing material due to its flexibility and ease while installing, but it is also resistant to breakage that may occur during the cold weather, plus it has fewer joints hence bringing the cost down.

Copper piping has been around for decades; the metal is known to be durable, easy to install and flexible especially when compared to iron pipes. Copper piping makes it difficult for bacteria to grow as it provides a biostatic atmosphere, which is an important health consideration.

PEX piping

Copper can be used for outdoor needs, as it is resistant to corrosion and unaffected by the ultraviolet rays; unlike the PEX material which is affected by the ultraviolet rays. Due to the PH of the water, that is, if the water is too acidic or basic for the pipes, it will lead to corrosion of the copper. The corrosion, however, does not mean that the water is bad for consumption. ADVANTAGES OF PEX:

Advantages of PEX Piping:

  1. The plumbing system is easy to use and it is adaptable.
  2. The PEX piping can be used with PVC piping and with a metal.
  3. Due to its flexibility to contract and expand it is more burst resistant.
  4. The PEX can be used with hot or cold water.
  5. The pipes do not need coupling or fitting; as it can bend around most of the corners this is as a result of its flexibility.
  6. The PEX can have a pressure balanced system.

Disadvantages of PEX:

  1. PEX cannot be recycled this is because of its short life use.
  2. The pipes can be damaged when left outside for a long period.
  3. The PEX cannot be used outside.
  4. The PEX has an impermeable membrane that can allow possible water contamination.

Advantages of Copper:

  1. Copper is safer in natural catastrophes.
  2. It is easy to install, for it is flexible and durable.
  3. Copper is a sound environment choice as it is recyclable.
  4. Copper is weather and bacteria resistant.
  5. It can be used outside for it is unaffected by ultra violet rays.
  6. Copper is the best corrosion resistant than other metals.

Disadvantages of Copper piping:

  1. Copper can freeze during cold season or contact with cold water and break.
  2. Due to corrosion of copper at high levels the water can have a metallic taste.
  3. Copper piping has become expensive.
  4. Copper metal used can corrode.

When the prices of PEX to that of copper is compared, copper is more expensive compared to the PEX. For instance, the length of 1metre of PEX is $ 1.26 while that of copper is $ 13.38.