Improperly Installed Water Heaters Are No Joke.

water heaters

Every year, there are thousands installation of water heaters by unlicensed companies, handymen or premises owners. The inappropriate installation of water heaters is very dangerous as it can result to; floods, fire outbreak and even death. For instance, in 2007 an estimated 7,200 homes had a fire outbreak resulting from water heaters. There was property damage amounting to $75 million, 340 civilian injured and 30 civilians’ death.

To ensure that your water heater is working properly and efficiently, then contact a qualified plumber. The plumber is able to look for any possible installation danger plus any code violations.

Dangers Overlooked By Home Owners When Installing Water Heaters.

Installing a water heater, an individual needs to have clearance to combustible surfaces. Twenty-three percent of homes that had ignition the water heater, heat sources were too close to the combustible. In the case of an old vent for a newer water heater, it will not be sufficient, particularly if the BTU has a higher rating than the older water heater.

Explosions and fire from improper installation of gas lines, connections and old gas cocks. Cracking of old, brass gas flex lines due to disconnection and reconnection. Hence, a licensed plumber is to check all the gas lines and the connections to ensure that nothing is leaking.


Every water heater has a temperature or pressure release valve. The valve is to relive pressure if anything goes wrong. The absence of the valve would result in an explosion due to the pressure that would build up. The temperature and pressure relieve valve ought to connect to an appropriately sized drain that drains to an outside area.

When there is improper size venting or old venting, which causes the water heater not to draw efficiently; thus resulting to carbon monoxide from combustion, to spill into the room from under the draft hood. The carbon monoxide being harmful to your health. Therefore, the plumber is to take into consideration appliances like; the furnace that could be sharing a vent with the water heater. As a result everything can vent out safely.