All Important Facts You Need to Know About Wall Mounted Toilets

While wall mounted toilets got their first start in Europe, then later on in US commercial facilities, these toilets are now being installed in almost every home today around the world. Whether the floor of your bathroom is made of hard concrete and stressful to work on, or if your small bathroom will visually benefit from an extra floor space that might be created, then the element design, which you should be consider is a wall-hung toilet.

Facts About Wall Mounted Toilets
Wall Mounted Toilets

These kinds of modern toilets can make cramped powder rooms and cramped bathrooms appear bigger. Toilets that are Wall-hung have water tanks, which are concealed in the wall that make them appear much smaller and occupy less space; in effect this creates an illusion of an enlarged bathroom space.

Since wall-hung toilets are mounted off the bathroom floor, and allow the tiles to extend unbroken under it. The eye will perceive a continuous and uninterrupted floor pattern to the wall behind the bowl, which will make the bathroom appear bigger than it really is

It is certainly without question that a wall-hung toilet with a concealed water tank has a smooth and minimalist design. This is one of the benefits which make this type of toilet the perfect complement to any contemporary bathroom design.

If a vessel sink with a wall-mounted faucet or a wall-mounted vanity is also present in the bathroom, a wall-hung toilet can function as a unifying design element to consolidate the different components of the bathroom.

Wall-hung toilets can be difficult to mount and will require the expertise of a professional to install the frame and plumbing fixtures properly. Look for a toilet that will blend well with your bathroom decor. This is highly advised to maintain a uniform and cohesive look in the bathroom.

A wall hung toilet can be a stunning finishing touch to your bathroom and a crucial design element to the overall bathroom design. Installing a modern wall-hung toilet will help achieve the kind of stylish bathroom design you have always wanted.


Therefore, before you decide to purchase this type of toilet, make sure it’s the right choice for you. The question therefore is, how will you do that? First and foremost make sure your wall is well sturdy enough to support the whole weight of your toilet and its users. Furthermore, decide whether you require to rework the existing plumbing pipes in your bathroom can accommodate Wall Mounted Toilets. In case the installation of new plumbing system will cost you a lot as compared to purchasing a floor mounted kind. Then you might need to re-assess things. When this is the case, purchasing a wall mount toilet might not seem to be a very practical choice. So, make sure you contract a qualified plumber to assess for you and give you a rough estimate.