5 Key Benefits of Hydro Jet Cleaning your Sewer Lines and Drains

Drain clogs becomes a major problem causing blockage in our homes, businesses, institutions, industries and in commercial places. These drain clogs are materials that get stuck in drains, sinks, showers and toilets and bath tubs upon building up. Drain clogging may as well occur in the main sewer leading to overflowing or slow draining. Hydro Jet cleaning is the best clog removing method applied by many today.

Five key benefits of Hydro Jet cleaning sewer lines and the drains

Hydro Jet Cleaning

  1. Cleaning, not just unclogging

Hydro Jetting provides a powerful pressure to help move the clog when the plunging cannot. Hydro jetting clears all the clogs from the inside of the pipe for a long term solution. The jet is well designed, to act effectively on specific clogs. Water jets have specialized cutting tools that help in removing roots in drains. It is the most preferred clog removing method for the laundry lines, shower and tubs, kitchen drains, lavatory sinks, sewer lines and the floor drains.

  1. Powerful and efficient for residual removal

A hydro jet is made up of a high pressure hose with a nozzle. A machine for pressurizing the water is connected to the nozzle to produce a pressurized stream for clearing the drain. By forcing pressurized water down the pipe, hair, grease, minerals and other build up debris are cleaned out. It is very necessary for a plumber to inspect the inside of the pipes to ensure there is no damage before hydro jetting.

  1. Accurate and consistent cleaning

A hydro jetting helps to clear any kind of a clog occurring in the underground drain pipe without having to do any digging. It is able of breaking up any clog and clear all materials building on the walls of the pipe. These may include the grease and the minerals among others. Highly pressurized jet water is passed on multiple angles, spinning water and sand to ensure adequate cleaning. Besides, hydro jetting is able to thoroughly clean the sides of the pipes leaving no clog in side. However, using a hydro jet requires one to look for a skilled plumber. This ensures that no damage occurs after hydro jetting the drains.

  1. More economical and environmentally safe

It is the faster method of removing clogs, cheap and does not cause any damage to the environment. Hydro jetting offers a long term solution for such clogs as the grease and the sludge that have built up for a long time. It is the best solution for removing clogs caused by the tree roots. No harmful liquids or dangerous chemicals are used in a jet since only a pressurized jet water is used. After doing the hydro jetting, your pipes can stay for years without getting any clogs, unlike other methods that need to be done twice a year.

  1. Removing bacteria

Bacteria accumulation due to organic waste through the drains result to foul smelling of the drainage.  Hydro jet cleaning helps in preventing such problems. The powerful pressurized jet removes all the grease, scum build up, soaps as well as any bacteria that mighty have settled in the walls of the pipes. This therefore helps in keeping pipes fresh and clean.