How To Maintain Your Shower, According To A Plumber

Maintain your shower for maximum utilization of water. When it comes to replacing/maintaining your plumbing system completely, it’s something no homeowner would want to do. You won’t have to replace your plumbing system if you treat it right. The following are ways plumbers recommend to make your system last.

How To Maintain Your Shower

  1. Don’t turn immediately to Drano

Maintain Your Shower

In the event that you have a clog, there is usually an impulse of pouring chemicals in order to melt the clog; you need to resist the impulse. Drano is quite unpopular among plumbers, as it makes their job harder when you finally decide to contact them. In most cases, individuals pour chemicals in standing water that is the tub or sink. This makes it have a lot of hazardous material, which ought to be disposed of properly. You will also have a film on the surface which degrades and damages with time.

Drano not only kills hairball, but it also kills living microorganism in the pipes that are beneficial. In the drains, there are bacteria that gradually break down the organic materials. Hence, chemicals will kill these bacteria and eventually affecting your drains.

In the event that you are doing a Do It Yourself on a plugged drain, use a plumbing snake or a plunger first. Utilization of chemicals ought to be your last resort.

  1. Designing your shower

When going for a shower, go for something that has easily replaceable parts when it eventually breaks down. There are brands that offer a lifetime warranty; this is something to consider especially when you would have utilized so many showers over your lifetime.

You should also consider having a pressure valve; that has a temperature balancing technology. The pressure valve doesn’t increase the life of your pipes, instead, it’s able to adjust your shower pressure when someone flushes the toilet or is using the sink.

  1. Learn how to change your shower head

Having a new showerhead can be a real game changer. With time you’ll have calcium build up, which clogs your shower flow. In case you have the easily replaceable setups, you can simply purchase a new shower head at a hardware store. You can also remove and clean the shower head with vinegar.

  1. Call a plumber

There are a lot of plumbing problems that can be avoided if homeowners would call professional plumbers. Plumbers are here to help; you should, therefore, let them come to your aid.