How Does Solar Water Heater Reduces Your Utility Bills?

When it comes to the solar water heater, you are able to reduce your utility bills in significant ways. Your utility bills cost more than a quarter of the cost when it comes to heating. Therefore, if you are able to use solar energy instead of electricity in heating, you will be able to save up to 25% of your utility bill.

You can be able to convert solar radiation into heat through the use of solar water heaters. The solar water heaters go for a few hundred dollars. In case you have a tight budget you can be able to make them yourself.

The beauty in the solar water heater is its simplicity, if you make any mistakes in building them, they will still be able to function although not as effective. The solar heaters are able to trap heat by the use of solar collectors. Solar collectors come in different technologies, each technology being able to cater to a different type of climate.

solar water heater

You will need an antifreeze-type system in case you are living in an area where freezing is common. This system is essential as you will not have your system bursting, every single time temperatures drop below freezing point. You can also use solar heaters to warm up your swimming pool.

Solar pool heaters are cheaper than the solar water heaters. This is because you can be able to build them using basic materials found in your garage. When it comes to solar water heaters, there quite a number of designs that are available in the market; ensure that you go for one that suits your needs and is able to withstand your local climatic conditions.

Heating your house using Solar Water Heater

It is true that you can be able to use the solar heated water to warm your house. You can do this by blowing air over pipes that have hot water. You will need to lay thin tubing underneath your floor, then allowing warm water to flow through. This method is a primitive method and is also known as the radiant floor heating. It is also not an efficient method.

Radiant floor heating allows heat from warm water to rise to your floor, dissipating throughout your house. This is different from the normal way of heating which requires heated air that is from a heating element to be forced out of a vent. This makes hot air rise to the ceiling and fills the ceiling first before it eventually fills the entire house.

When it comes to solar water heater, you can be able to apply it in different parts of your house; for instance, building a sunroom in order to be able to trap heat in your house. This helps you to be able to reduce your heating cost.